• Features Diamond/CBN wafering blades 4in, 5in, 6in diameter can be used Blade speed adjustable between 50-500rpm Coolant tank raise/lower to suit blad diameter Balance specimen arm Micrometer adjustment for section thickness Sample rotation option
  • The Labprep 250 is a manual cutting machine with vice capacity for the routine work in the materials laboratory. It is a compact unit which is available as a bench top unit or as floor standing unit mounted on a base cabinet. The cutting is done manually using an adjustable side lever. One or two quick lock vices can be fitted to hold the material. The standard canopy has 3 large viewing windows for all round viewing of the cutting procedure. Fibre Glass Compact Cutting Laboratory Machine with High Powered Motor Easy and quick operation cam lock vices Designed for cutting large and irregular workpieces Manually controlled cutting lever Maximum safety with interlocking safety switch T slot table to accept a variety of clamps and vices The canopy has side access port permits the sectioning of extra-long workpieces, as well. The machine is equipped with a powerful motor, driving the cut-off wheel towards the workpiece. The bottom part of the machine is a large robust alloy base casting. Spacious cutting chamber and extra-large cutting table enables easy clamping of the specimens to be cut. The quick-clamping devices are removable to permit the installation of conventional clamping tools to hold larger or more intricate workpieces. The complete system is enclosed in a protective hood with a large shatter proof window to observe the cutting process. The cutting chamber inside is illuminated with a powerful LED.
  • This is a larger version of the Labprep 250 which has increased vice holding capacity and a substantially increased motor power. Cutting wheels both abrasive and diamond up to 350mm/14in diameter can be used for cutting the larger material samples. The cutting is carried out manually using an adjustable side lever. A hydrocheck is fitted for controlled operation irrespective of user.
  • This is an affordable bench top Abrasive Cutting Machine for general applications in the metallurgical and materials laboratory. Cutting wheels up to a useful 300mm/12in diameter can be fitted on the spindle which is directly driven by a 3 or 4 HP motor. A side lever is used to raise or lower the cutting head. The cutting head is fitted with a heavy-duty spring to give a controlled cutting action.
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