METLAB Labprep 150

Features Diamond/CBN wafering blades 4in, 5in, 6in diameter can be used Blade speed adjustable between 50-500rpm Coolant tank raise/lower to suit blad diameter Balance specimen arm Micrometer adjustment for section thickness Sample rotation option



Variable Speed Precision Diamond Saw

The Labprep 150 Low Speed Diamond saw is well established in the materials laboratory for cutting and sectioning a wide variety of small and delicate samples particularly when the material structure is not homogeneous. It gives a high quality cut surface without serious deformation and with minimum burr. The universal design uses thin diamond/CBN bonded wafering blades to cut fragile and soft sample that cannot be handled by high speed abrasive/diamond cutting machines. A range of sample holders have been designed for this purpose including a rotating holder for round material. The speed of the wafering blades can be varies between 0 and 500rpm for optimum cutting conditions.

The Labprep 150 is ruggedly constructed with a cast aluminum frame and uses stainless steel components for stability and corrosion resistance. The 1/10HP motor drives the 1/2in spindle using a toothed belt. The sample holders is held on a pivoting arm which is counterbalanced to give low loading conditions on the specimen. The arm is moved 25mm/1in with a micrometer adjustment so that the sample can be positioned for cutting. A number of weights are provided to give the required specimen loading on the rotating blade.

Wafering Blades of 3in/75mm,4in/100in, 5in/125mm,6in/150mm can be fitted on the machine.

A wide variety of these cutting blades are available depending on application. These blades are of three types: resin bonded diamond in different concentrations, CBN bonded and abrasive blades with aluminium Oxide or silicon Carbide abrasives.

The electrics are mounted on two PCBs and include a sensor system for measuring and displaying the spindle speed 0-500rpm. A safety canopy is provided with interlock switch. The depth of cutting can be set using an adjustable electronic endpoint on the sample arm.

The cutting saw has a convenient front loading tray which can be filled with lubricant. The height of this tray is adjustable and can be locked in position so that it is at the correct height for the different sizes of wafering blades.


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