METLAB Econocut 300

This is an affordable bench top Abrasive Cutting Machine for general applications in the metallurgical and materials laboratory. Cutting wheels up to a useful 300mm/12in diameter can be fitted on the spindle which is directly driven by a 3 or 4 HP motor. A side lever is used to raise or lower the cutting head. The cutting head is fitted with a heavy-duty spring to give a controlled cutting action.



Bench Top Abrasive Cutting Machine

The MetLab Econocut 300 is a direct drive cutting machine with a high powered brake motor. The worktable has T-Slots on which two quick clamp vices can be mounted.The canopy has a safety interlock and is activated by a delay.The cutting wheel and work table and has 3 large observation windows
To raise and lower the cutting wheel head there is a side lever for cutting head with an external gas strut to control resistance on pulldown. This
allows smooth cutting through the materials with minimum damage and a high quality cut surface finish.A coolant circulation system can be fitted with flexible coolant jets in the area of cutting. This has external recirculating coolant tank which is located on the floor at the side of the machine


Cutting head with 3KW/4HP direct drive motor

Right Hand and Left Hand quick lock vices 63mm/2.5in capacity

Optional external recirculating coolant tank for wet cutting

Wheel spindle 32mm/1.25in diameter

Wheels flanges 4in diameter

Side access ports too feed long samples into the machine vice area

Cutting head adjustable STOP for setting depth of cut

Cutting head with gas strut to control resistance on pulldown
allowing smooth cutting with minimum damage and a high quality
cut finish

Safety lamp inside machine

The machine generally conforms to European CE and USA safety regulations

safety interlock on canopy opening

Guard surrounds cutting wheel

Viewing windows made from impact resistant material

Low voltage switching on control panel


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