METLAB Labprep 350

This is a larger version of the Labprep 250 which has increased vice holding capacity and a substantially increased motor power. Cutting wheels both abrasive and diamond up to 350mm/14in diameter can be used for cutting the larger material samples. The cutting is carried out manually using an adjustable side lever. A hydrocheck is fitted for controlled operation irrespective of user.



Floor Standing Unit High Speed Cutting Machine

Cutting Head

The 32mm/1 1/4in diameter spindle is belt driven by a powerful 5.5kW/7.5HP 3 Phase motor. The long life sealed spindle bearings do not require lubrication. The cutting head is lowered using an adjustable side lever. A hydrocheck attached to the cutting head can be used to ensure controlled, but adjustable, cutting pressure for different users. A variable stop limits the downward stroke of the cutting head. Abrasive or Diamond Cutting Wheels from 250/10in to 350mm/14in diameter can be fitted. The wheel speed is set at 2500 rpm; other belt and pulley combinations give different wheel speeds for particular applications.

Work Table

The work table has T slots for fitting the 2 quick lock vices. The vices have 95mm/3 3/4in capacity. The side access ports in the canopy can be used for introducing long bars of maximum size through the vices.


The electronics are contained in a compartment mounted on the rear panel. The front control panel has switching for the various machine functions. The canopy is interlocked by a timed safety switch and cannot be opened whilst the wheel is running. It has a large front viewing windows and 2 side windows. Access ports on both sides of the canopy are provided for cutting long bars of material.

Coolant Circulation

The machine can be used for wet or dry cutting. A coolant tank is located in the base cabinet. The 55l/min circulation pump ensures adequate supply of coolant in the cutting area. Flexible coolant jets are provided for directing the coolant as required.


Cutting: Manual side lever – adjustable position
Cutting Pressure: hydrocheck fitted for constant
cutting pressure – adjustable
Cutting Head

Spindle Diameter: 32mm/1 1/4 in dia
Drive Motor: 5.5KW / 7.5HP
Wheel speed: 2500 rpm, polychain drive
Wheel diameter: up to 350mm/14in

Work Table

T-Slot work table for securing vices
Vices: 2 Quick-lock vices
capacity 95mm/3 3/4in

Coolant Circulation

17l/4.5 gal Coolant Tank in base cabinet
55l/min circulation pump
Flexible coolant jets with wash down hose


Front Control Panel with following functions
Motor ON / Coolant ON / Light ON/OFF / Emergency Stop

Dimensions & Weight

Size: 650mm/25.6in width x 760mm/30in depth x 1420/59in height
Weight: 240 Kg/ 528lbs


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