Metlab Technologies Limited


Welcome to our world of material preparation, a necessary step for microscopic investigation of the structure of metals, alloys, composites and ceramics or for hardness measurement studies.

The preparation procedures usually involve cutting, mounting and grinding/polishing the cut surface of the material prior to examination. Our company manufactures a range of products to effectively carry out these different steps to produce a high quality surface which can be examined by Optical Microscopy SM or hardness testing equipment.

The preparation, outlined above, require the use of a wide range of consumables and supplies. These include cutting wheels, resins, polishing materials and cloths and abrasives. They are listed in a ten part ‘supplies’ section. The last part of this listing has information on stereo (zoom) microscopes, incident light (metallurgical) microscopes and digital imaging cameras.

We hope you will find some interesting products on this website and look forward to hearing from you.